Zimbra Notifier 5


 Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ):



Why does Zimbra Notifier cannot connect?
Zimbra Notifier uses Microsoft Internet Explorer components to connect to Zimbra mail server. So you need to have installed Microsoft Internet Explorer version 5.5 or greater (version 5 or 4 will not work)

How can I uninstall Zimbra Notifier ?
Right click tray icon, select "Windows Integration" menu and then uncheck both "Run at startup" and "Default mail application". Then right click tray icon again and click on "Exit". Then you can remove the program file "ZimbraNotifier.exe".

How will system tray notify of unread email?
When a new email is received, an email icon is displayed in the system tray until you read or delete any email message.

How will system tray notify of calendar entries?
* A calendar entry reminder is triggered based on the time displayed in the Reminder field of the calendar entry.
* When a calendar entry reminder is triggered, a calendar icon is displayed in the system tray until the calendar entry's end time has passed.
* Once a calendar entry reminder is triggered, your notifications (i.e. Window and Sound) will continue to trigger on every check event.
* To stop a notification from triggering on every check, click the Calendar icon in the system tray and click the menu item “Notify this Appointment” to uncheck it.

How can I open Zimbra Webmail Client?
If you have checked “Webmail login” you can log directly into mail: double-click the Zimbra Notifier icon in the system tray or click a balloon notification.


File Upload via Drag-and-Drop: How does It work?

Sometimes you want to send a picture or a document by mail, and you are used to drag and drop a file into Outlook’s email compose window.

With Zimbra Notifier you can:

·        Upload files directly into the Zimbra’s Drafts folder, just follow this steps:

1.    Select a file(s) you want to upload to Zimbra, and then drag it over ZimbraNotifier.exe application icon.

2.    Now go to Zimbra’s Drafts folder. You will se the recently uploaded file as a new draft email message. Double click on it to compose the remaining email fields.

3.    That’s all!

·         Upload files into the Zimbra Briefcase, just follow this steps:

1.    In Windows desktop, right click a file, a popup menu will be shown. Select send to -> Zimbra Briefcase

2.    That’s all!


Why file upload does not work?

As of Zimbra Notifier version 5.2, file upload can use SSL too. So if you have a previous version, upgrade it for free. You can download the latest version from here


Since upgrading to Zimbra 7.1.4, the Zimbra Notifier software does not work for the "mailto".
The error when I click to a mailto is HTTP ERROR 400

This is a bug in Zimbra Server version 7.1.4.
The Zimbra Notifier version 5.0 fixes it.


FAQ updated on November 5, 2012.