Zimbra Notifier Configuration:




First download the application if you don't have it:Zimbra Notifier Official Product Page

Server: Enter server IP address or it's name (for example if your server is http://mail.company.com/zimbra/ just put mail.company.com here).

Use Safe Connection: This is for HTTPS connections. If you connect trough internet, you should check this.

Serial Number: Enter here the serial number given to you when you bought a Zimbra Notifier license. Paste it exactly as given, without spaces around. If you don't have a serial number, just let it blank, the software will run in demo version. If you have an error in this field, you will get an "Invalid Username" error.

Save password: Check this if you want to save your Zimbra mail password in your system, so you don't have to type it everytime.

User: Enter here your Zimbra mail username

Webmail Login: This checks use the same login token to enter webmail directly. Default unchecked. This causes session invalidation in latest Zimbra Versions, leave unchecked.

Password: Enter here your Zimbra mail password

Interval: Check for new mail and appointment reminders every n seconds. This parameter is read from Zimbra preferences once you log on. You can set it in the following Zimbra Webmail Screen:


Window: Check this if you want a modal window (always on top) on every notification.

Sound: Check this if you want a sound on every notification. You can customize the sound played by using a file called "unread.wav" in your Zimbra Notifier folder. It currently supports only wav files, doesn't support mp3 files.

Notification Rules: Use filters to filter notifications. It is NOT case sensitive
NOTIFY...only if name contains: Boss|Important|Urgency
   This option will notify of all email/calendars with tag name, folder name, OR calendar name containing Boss, Important OR Urgency in it's name.

OMIT...only if name contains: Junk|SharedCal
   This option will notify of all email/calendars except those with tag name, folder name OR calendar name containing Junk OR SharedCal in it's name.